The Uptown Leamington Business Improvement Area (BIA) represents over 200 businesses in the Uptown area. Our role is to develop the uptown core through beautification, general improvements and upgrades, promotion, events and marketing. The designated boundaries of the Business Improvement Area run from the Russell Street and Erie Street South intersection to the John/Nelson and Erie Street North intersection. Also included are the areas from Fox/Albert and Talbot Street West to Victoria Street and Talbot Street East. All businesses located in this area are automatically members of the BIA. Support for all BIA projects is derived from a separate tax, which is based on the assessed value of the property. Property owners and tenants then become members of the BIA. The Uptown Leamington BIA office is run by volunteers with board meetings held monthly. With urban sprawl and the decentralization of our communities, it is important to remember our town center, what it has represented in the past and why it is important now and to our town’s future. The Uptown Leamington BIA understands this and works to keep our uptown thriving, prosperous and fun.

Our goal is to make Uptown Leamington:

  • A place where the local community and visitors want to shop, dine, relax and return to.
  • A place that preserves the original beauty and ambiance of our town.
  • A place for both the entrepreneur and the visitor.
  • A place that develops a strong sense of community pride.
  • A place that exudes small town charm in a vibrant social and cultural business center.

Future Goals: 

  • Facilitate the design and implementation of a unified street scape through the BIA district
  • Continue to build relationships with the town officials to help revitalize the uptown core by improving the image, safety, vibrancy and the utilization by consumers
  • Strengthen relationships between business owners to create a strong sense of community which will strengthen our core.
  • Once the street-scaping initiative is complete, extend marketing campaign to future boundaries such as United States, Toronto, and Television

Leamington Bia Welcome Package: Download